Decoupaged Day Planner

This is my current planner that I carry around with me. Despite the numerous technological options for scheduling, I still like good ol’ fashioned pen and paper to keep track of my plans.

I didn’t love the selection of planners available, so I bought the size I wanted and decided to redo the cover. I just snagged a catalog from my desk and got to work!

I found two coordinating pages and used them for the front and back.

The images weren’t super exciting, so I braided some embroidery string and fashioned it into a heart to jazz up the front.

I always need a quick reference to where we are in the month, so I braided a coordinating place marker right onto the top coil of the notebook. 
This was a super quick, simple project, but I like the DIY look. This scheduler actually ends in June, so I just bought a new one which I’ve already decorated. 🙂 Stay tuned to see that one, which I’m loving already.
Happy Monday!


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2 responses to “Decoupaged Day Planner

  1. Tara Marie

    Really cool idea for personalization! I love the braided place marker! 🙂

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