Let My People Go

This past Passover season, my family hosted a dinner in which we decided the decor should be loosely themed ‘Egyptian’ (since we were commemorating the Israelites leaving Egypt and all . . .). As is, King Tut lives in our family room, so this was a logical table decorating decision. (Should you be wondering, he’s filled with DVDs, not a mummy. And yes, he’s wearing a Medieval Times crown, and also holding rhinestoned reading glasses. He likes to accessorize.)

I chipped in by making place cards.

I stamped, embossed, cut, and folded card stock, then lightly colored in the designs with colored pencil.

I didn’t trust myself with the penmanship, so I asked my mom to write the names.

Doing their jobs . . .

Ready to eat!

These were pretty straight forward, but I had fun making them! There are some awesome and creative place cards out there, and I’m looking forward to playing with new ideas for future get-togethers.

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Avengers was great. The 3D IMAX experience was pretty fun, too, though the screen wasn’t much bigger than regular 3D. Great movie though!


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