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Mani Mania

I’m so behind on manicure posts (like over a year. . .)! Go figure, as those are my fav entries. Let me know if you’d like to know any of the colors seen. Here’s part one of a few catch-ups to come:

I’m shocked at how popular nail art has become in this past year. It’s EVERYWHERE now! I don’t get as many double-takes on my manis anymore. Mine are tame nowadays, compared to some. haha.

Ta-ta for now; more nail pics to come!



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Water Marbled Nails – 1st Attempt

Hey! So as promised, here is the documentation of my water marbled nails. I’ve known about the technique for years but have never been terribly interested in trying it. A prompt in my 365 creativity challenge said to “use only water as your medium/inspiration today”. Okay, I used nail polish too, but water was certainly entirely necessary for this “creation”. Perfect occasion to give it a go!

My workspace

Taking the plunge

Exciting first results

Hands done before getting cleaned up (really messy!)

Tape made the process a little bit neater

A day or two later and the cuticles are finally clean!

I love the unique patterns on each nail. Hard to pick a fav!

I got lots of comments about my thumb

Picking the color combo was my favorite part (Essie Bordeaux, China Glaze Awaken, and Zoya Penny)

This was my first time doing it, and I was happy with the results considering some of the horror stories online. I didn’t end up redoing any of the nails, so what you see it truly the first attempt.

I could use some practice making the patterns, but the whole thing was easier and more fun than I was expecting! Has anyone else out there attempted water marbled manis?


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Nails x4

Here’s a mini nail update for the fellow nail enthusiasts out there! If you would like the names of any colors, feel free to ask in the comments!

This time I did a reverse accent nail, sans glitter. (With my favpair of earrings!)

Feathers on blue

Amazing safety cone orange with scalloped designs

Green and mermaid teal/tail half-moons

Today I have an exciting mani planned that coordinates with my 365 Creativity assignment. 🙂 Stay tuned for results next week! Hope you have an awesome weekend.


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Polish: New Years

Hey guys!

Here’s a quick post with my New Years nails. I got to attend a New Year’s Eve wedding, which was quite fun! The favors were New Years tiaras for the girls and top hats for the guys, along with party horns to help ring in the new year. It was a fun night!

This is another mani I did a while back using my beloved Konad and a matte topcoat.

Au revoir, until next time!

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Polish: Pink with Diagonal Glitter

Hello again!

Here are my nails from Thanksgiving. They weren’t themey, but I did add some glitter to make them somewhat festive.

I was delighted to learn they perfectly matched a bottle of sparking wine my friend had brought to the occasion. Of course, she knew I would fall madly in love with the bottle, and bonus because it tasted DELICIOUS. Fruity, sweet, and bubbly, just the way I like it!

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