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Decoupaged Day Planner Part 2

Happy weekend! Only a few hours left until Monday; hope you’re making the most of your Sunday night.

Without further ado, here’s my made-over day planner post I promised last month. {See part one, here!} I needed a new one (and had to end the school year planner cycle by jumping into the June section of a Jan.-Dec. calendar planner. No more school; bittersweet!) but am always on a super-tight budget, so I headed to the 99 Cent Store and found one in a size I liked. It was plain, but I liked the color, so I went ahead and splurged for $1. 🙂

I decided to jazz it up with a chevron-inspired pattern using masking tape and paint.

The paint all peeled off, so I retaped and instead used a paint pen. Thankfully, this method worked.

Then I topped the gold paint pen off with some sparkly nail polish for some extra pizazz.

Ta-da! Easy peasy, and one of a kind.

While putting together this post, I took a break to make kale chips that are now completely gone. haha. Now to wash them down with a little something. . .



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Warm Thanks & A Giant Apple

I’ve been slacking on my 365 creativity projects, but I do have two to share!

The day’s prompt was “Today, make a stencil and use it for your work”. On my to do list was to make a thank you card for a handmade scarf that was given to me, so I decided to combine forces and make a stencil for my card.

I struggled with what to cut and what not to cut (the inverse thing always confuses me. . .), but in the end got it right! I was happy with how it turned out, especially considering I have zero drawing skills.

The recipient loved the card. 🙂 

The next one said “Make something with your breakfast before you eat it”. Hard to make something out of granola, so instead I used two small apples as my medium. Simple, but kind of fun!

Mega apple. . .

More of an apple tower, I suppose. Have you done any cool things with your breakfast fruit?

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