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Decoupaged Day Planner Part 2

Happy weekend! Only a few hours left until Monday; hope you’re making the most of your Sunday night.

Without further ado, here’s my made-over day planner post I promised last month. {See part one, here!} I needed a new one (and had to end the school year planner cycle by jumping into the June section of a Jan.-Dec. calendar planner. No more school; bittersweet!) but am always on a super-tight budget, so I headed to the 99 Cent Store and found one in a size I liked. It was plain, but I liked the color, so I went ahead and splurged for $1. 🙂

I decided to jazz it up with a chevron-inspired pattern using masking tape and paint.

The paint all peeled off, so I retaped and instead used a paint pen. Thankfully, this method worked.

Then I topped the gold paint pen off with some sparkly nail polish for some extra pizazz.

Ta-da! Easy peasy, and one of a kind.

While putting together this post, I took a break to make kale chips that are now completely gone. haha. Now to wash them down with a little something. . .



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Decoupaged Day Planner

This is my current planner that I carry around with me. Despite the numerous technological options for scheduling, I still like good ol’ fashioned pen and paper to keep track of my plans.

I didn’t love the selection of planners available, so I bought the size I wanted and decided to redo the cover. I just snagged a catalog from my desk and got to work!

I found two coordinating pages and used them for the front and back.

The images weren’t super exciting, so I braided some embroidery string and fashioned it into a heart to jazz up the front.

I always need a quick reference to where we are in the month, so I braided a coordinating place marker right onto the top coil of the notebook. 
This was a super quick, simple project, but I like the DIY look. This scheduler actually ends in June, so I just bought a new one which I’ve already decorated. 🙂 Stay tuned to see that one, which I’m loving already.
Happy Monday!


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Let My People Go

This past Passover season, my family hosted a dinner in which we decided the decor should be loosely themed ‘Egyptian’ (since we were commemorating the Israelites leaving Egypt and all . . .). As is, King Tut lives in our family room, so this was a logical table decorating decision. (Should you be wondering, he’s filled with DVDs, not a mummy. And yes, he’s wearing a Medieval Times crown, and also holding rhinestoned reading glasses. He likes to accessorize.)

I chipped in by making place cards.

I stamped, embossed, cut, and folded card stock, then lightly colored in the designs with colored pencil.

I didn’t trust myself with the penmanship, so I asked my mom to write the names.

Doing their jobs . . .

Ready to eat!

These were pretty straight forward, but I had fun making them! There are some awesome and creative place cards out there, and I’m looking forward to playing with new ideas for future get-togethers.

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Avengers was great. The 3D IMAX experience was pretty fun, too, though the screen wasn’t much bigger than regular 3D. Great movie though!

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DIY Smart Cover Makeover

I’m too cheap to buy the authentic Apple Smart Cover for $50, so when I first bought my iPad 2, I got a decent knockoff online for around $20 less. Over the last couple of months, it started getting stains and peeling, which gave me an interesting idea. Rather than buy another fake (or splurge on a real one), why not remake my own with my pick of fabric? So I did.


Starting to come apart

The magnets that wake/put to sleep the iPad

As a precaution, I took note of the spacing of the internal pieces


Everything completely separated

I used the old fabric as a template for the new fabric

Pieces ready to glue. I folded over the fabric tab and glued in the hinge that attaches the cover to the iPad. Then I glued the two pieces of fabric together sandwiched around the inner plastic pieces.

Despite double checking—so I thought—I accidentally glued the hinge on backwards (the magnet was on the wrong side). I had to take it apart and reglue the tab over the gray lining. (If done properly the first time, the tab would have been under the gray fabric giving it a cleaner look.)

The cover is far from perfect and has a homemade feel, but I love the pattern (my favorite fabric from when I worked in the Textiles department at IKEA)!

Ignoring the uneven edges, I like it! I know I’m the only girl with this case (until this goes viral ;)).

1/4 yard Outer Fabric: $0, already owned

1/4 yard Gray Lining: $3.53

Fabric Glue: $3.45, with 40% coupon

Total Cost: $6.98

One of a kind and cheap. Win!


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Warm Thanks & A Giant Apple

I’ve been slacking on my 365 creativity projects, but I do have two to share!

The day’s prompt was “Today, make a stencil and use it for your work”. On my to do list was to make a thank you card for a handmade scarf that was given to me, so I decided to combine forces and make a stencil for my card.

I struggled with what to cut and what not to cut (the inverse thing always confuses me. . .), but in the end got it right! I was happy with how it turned out, especially considering I have zero drawing skills.

The recipient loved the card. 🙂 

The next one said “Make something with your breakfast before you eat it”. Hard to make something out of granola, so instead I used two small apples as my medium. Simple, but kind of fun!

Mega apple. . .

More of an apple tower, I suppose. Have you done any cool things with your breakfast fruit?

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Lettuce Art

I got a fun shout out on my friend Tara’s blog this weekend, and highly recommend you give her a visit! She’s just getting into the swing of things but has had some lovely offerings so far.

Now, to create!

I have always loved the flower design at the base of romaine lettuce and have wanted to stamp with them for years. A few months ago, I finally did it! I used slightly watered down acrylic paint with the ends from my lunch salad. 🙂

I ended up with abstract roses, which I finished off with a sprinkling of gold paint.

This makes me want to stamp with other veggies and fruit. The patterns found in nature are truly beautiful!

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Wipe Clean

A few months ago I finally decided on a plan for my famous IKEA Ung Drill frame, which, until this, sat hanging empty on my wall. I wanted to incorporate more of my accent hot pink, so I took this opportunity to use a few shades of paint chips to pull everything together (haha, poor Home Depot. I made sure to return the ones I didn’t use!). It was pretty simple, but definitely time-consuming!

Almost there. . . I love the texture! Once done, I put the glass back on, and voila –  my new dry-erase board.

Overall, I’m happy with it. And, since it’s just sitting in the frame, I can always change it up later! Do you have a favorite way to leave notes around your house?


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