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A Day in Santa Barbara

I’m baaaackkkk! Did you miss me? It has been ashamedly long since I’ve posted. I’ve wanted to post a few times since last, but once you fall off the wagon, it’s hard pulling yourself back up. I’ve missed the creative outlet, however, so that will help inspire some more content on here.

In the meantime, this is going to be a picture-heavy post (as far as blog posts go; nothing compared to facebook albums and, um, my entire iPhoto collection). Two weekends ago, my bf S and I took a day-trip to Santa Barbara. It was a nice little escape for the day. {The pictures are much more lovely if you click for gallery form!}

We mostly just ate, drank, and walked. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and need to grab a bite (or WANT to, hello), I’d definitely suggest The Shop Cafe for a great selection of fresh takes on brunch and lunch favorites. We grabbed a salad and sandwich there and ate at a picnic table on their patio. It had a great, laid-back vibe and was a perfect way to start our day in S.B. Oh, and make sure you try their iced chai latte!! SO good. Vanilla beans and everything.

I also highly recommend the Santa Barbara Courthouse. There is beauty in every detail, inside and out (and so many photo opportunities—would be an amazing engagement shoot location). The view from the clock tower is a can’t-miss! The courthouse is one of the best free attractions I’ve ever been to.

After some beach walking/pier sitting/leg dangling, we stopped by Apéro for some creative and delicious cocktails. One of S’ had pieces of honey comb in it; they tasted like freeze-dried caramel. Really fun! We also sampled one of their tapas plates (brie goo and apricot and fancy greens on artisan bread. . .mmm), which was also tasty.  It was a nice stop.

That was pretty much our day, with a little more walking and a little more eating and drinking. We concluded with him buying curtains, me buying a dress, and In N Out on our way south. We’re so lucky to live within a few hours of some great cities. I’m already itching to go again!


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Photo Fun

This afternoon I was playing around with different pieces of paper attached to my lens. The photos taken below haven’t been corrected/edited a single click (diptych and watermark notwithstanding), exactly as came off my camera. There are some kind of cool, holga looking effects going on.

Hmm. More to play with next time, for sure!


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Home Sweet Home

I have had an amazing month!! I know I was apprehensive about camp but this year I had the best dorm I’ve ever had. They were so wonderful and fun. All the campers were. 🙂 I’m thrilled I went this year. I drove to camp (in Washington) with friends and had such a great time, the day camp ended, hanging out in Portland for the afternoon with more friends from Arizona then caravaning back with them. It was a really long trip (we drove straight through back to Los Angeles) but we switched passengers and drivers between the two cars all the time which made for quite the awesome drive. I love those guys.

OK so get ready for pictures!

Alysia and me in our H&M roadtrip sunglasses:

Here was my pretty view while sitting on the soccer field at camp:

They have forests everywhere! I love the fairytale-ness of it. 🙂 Looking up:

So the day after I got back from camp, I got back in the car — this time with my family — and headed out to Colorado for my best friend (and other really good friend)’s wedding. Here’s a pic I snapped a pic while driving. Not sure what state we were in:

We made sure to get there a few days early so I could attend the bachelorette party. It was a fun night filled with various shenanigans. 😉 Here were my nails for the occasion using my precious new Zoya Ali with Konad m3 and m57:

Bride-to-be Madeline:

Here we are at the wedding: 🙂

Bride and groom after the cake-cutting hamming it up for other BFF Jen and official photographer (check out some of her amazing pictures on her blog):

Me with Jen and Madeline. Love them!! I so very much wish they lived [much] closer.

Here’s a picture I snapped on the drive back home. I like the colors and clouds:

For the wedding, I did my nails with Trixie by Zoya (ahh the most amazing ground-up tin foil silver!) and then on the trip home found LA Colors nail art polishes at the Dollar Tree (!) so I had to test them out. One of my very first hand painting attempts:

Here’s my current manicure which I really like. Zoya Avril (agh — the formula drives me mad but thankfully it’s so nude you don’t really notice the unevenness) with Konad m77 stamped with Revlon Chrome:

That’s it! I’ll leave you with a picture I took during a most memorable stop with my family at a rest area in Colorado (involved my mom accidentally kicking my little shih tzu into the rushing river. All ended well, thankfully, and now we find the situation rather hilarious). I only changed the overall tint of the photo to a violet color. All the variations and such were already there. It’s currently my background picture. 🙂

Well that was a brief summery of my past few weeks! I hope you guys are having a summer as nice as mine!


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