DIY Smart Cover Makeover

I’m too cheap to buy the authentic Apple Smart Cover for $50, so when I first bought my iPad 2, I got a decent knockoff online for around $20 less. Over the last couple of months, it started getting stains and peeling, which gave me an interesting idea. Rather than buy another fake (or splurge on a real one), why not remake my own with my pick of fabric? So I did.


Starting to come apart

The magnets that wake/put to sleep the iPad

As a precaution, I took note of the spacing of the internal pieces


Everything completely separated

I used the old fabric as a template for the new fabric

Pieces ready to glue. I folded over the fabric tab and glued in the hinge that attaches the cover to the iPad. Then I glued the two pieces of fabric together sandwiched around the inner plastic pieces.

Despite double checking—so I thought—I accidentally glued the hinge on backwards (the magnet was on the wrong side). I had to take it apart and reglue the tab over the gray lining. (If done properly the first time, the tab would have been under the gray fabric giving it a cleaner look.)

The cover is far from perfect and has a homemade feel, but I love the pattern (my favorite fabric from when I worked in the Textiles department at IKEA)!

Ignoring the uneven edges, I like it! I know I’m the only girl with this case (until this goes viral ;)).

1/4 yard Outer Fabric: $0, already owned

1/4 yard Gray Lining: $3.53

Fabric Glue: $3.45, with 40% coupon

Total Cost: $6.98

One of a kind and cheap. Win!



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3 responses to “DIY Smart Cover Makeover

  1. SUPER cute! omg what an awesome idea!

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