Alice in Burgerland

There is absolutely no question that I inherited my love of food from my mom, and some of that came from her mom before her.

Anyone who knows my mom knows that she makes interesting, delicious food on a continual basis. This means culinary adventures and [usually, ha] good eats for the rest of us!

When looking through my pics (I regularly document the fun foods I come across), I realized in the past 6 months, she made both a giant burger and tiny burgers. Well duh, I’m going to show them off because they’re kinda awesome. I love things that exaggerate scale.

Here are the tasty pics. . .Enjoy! Sorry there’s no taste-o-vision.

She made the giant bun using her sourdough starter. It was moist and slightly tangy. Mm.

Notice the burger is on a pizza stone — how’s that for big?

She topped the patty, cheese, and tomatoes with her own pickled/fermented veggies.

Finally getting to enjoy the fruit of her labor.

Then these cute little guys are actually not sliders, but are cupcakes! The patties are brownies and “condiments” are icing and coconut.

She made them for a Superbowl shindig, where they were a hit with all ages!


Yeah, I’m pretty lucky.


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  1. Wow, I’m honored! Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for sharing in the process. That’s what makes it fun.

    Alice in Burgerland (aka The Mom)

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