Big Bang Theory


So, every few years when I get bored with my hair, I take the plunge into bangs territory. It had been about three years since I last had bangs and two years since my last haircut (definitely done with short hair for awhile. I’m still in growing out mode). Time for a change, yes? I’m completely a DIYer when it comes to hair (my mom still cuts and trims it for me. Haha) so I wasn’t at all scared to cut the bangs myself. As long as you take the time to gather the exact portion you want to cut and don’t cut too short, it’s not hard to achieve decent bangs at home.

I started by carefully “drawing” an even part with a comb, making sure to keep both sides even. I decided I wanted them thicker than in times past, so I went a little further back and created more of a peak than just straight across.

Next, I put back the rest of my hair and made sure I had sectioned just the right chunk of hair.

Now the fun part. Scissors time! I grabbed my hair shears and, after carefully calculating where I wanted the bangs to hit and taking into consideration the hair springing up (so cut it lower/longer than you want the bangs to end up on your face), I pulled the hair taught and cut. Because I gathered the hair into my hand centered over my nose, the shape of the bangs ended up slightly longer at either side by my temples, just like I wanted.

Halfway there! I did it in two cuts to maintain control.

After making the initial cut, I twisted the bangs tightly together and snipped the ends with the shears vertically, in order to break up the blunt cut and give them a little more softness.

Then I straightened them and checked out my final result.

Voila! They’re certainly hard to deal with day to day, but they gave me just the change I was looking for.

As a finishing touch, I decided to add a really subtle ombré to the ends. I know this trend started years ago and really should be done with, but I’m not hating it quite yet. I used the highlight portion of a L’oreal Couleur Experte (UGH I was soo disappointed by this $16 color. I didn’t see a hint of difference after applying the base color and the highlights were way less noticeable than the box implied they would be) entirely on my ends.

Thankfully with only the one application, I came out with the look I wanted. I wouldn’t have minded a slightly more pronounced look, but it’s very natural which I’m okay with.

Well, that was my recent hair fun. What do you do to cure your hair blues?


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  1. I love it! You are so freaking brave to cut your own bangs! 🙂

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