Thanksgiving Decor

Hey friends!

This year is the first Thanksgiving in 15 or so years in which my family hasn’t been camping. We had a treasured tradition of spending Thanksgiving week camping with nearly all of our close family friends. We’d come together on linked picnic tables for a shared meal (starting at 2pm! quite a food fest) Thursday and again for “leftovers day” Friday.

I have sooo many wonderful memories from our annual campouts, but this year it was time for a change! We had a good, old fashioned, indoor Thanksgiving. No down coats or plastic tablecloths to be seen. I was in charge of table decor and had a blast rummaging through my mom’s collection of dishes and tableware. I lucked out finding various Waterford goblets and small crystal vases. I knew I wanted to play with cranberries, so I made mini topiaries with toothpicks and grapefruit. I also found super fun (and very affordable) whole sugar cane that I knew had to be incorporated somehow!

The final look combined the cranberries, sugar cane, and really interesting flowers (protea) that added amazing shape and texture into the mix.

We had a lovely meal with a few friends and family, and tons of delicious food, of course. It was an excellent holiday! Already looking forward to next year.

Thanks for reading!



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4 responses to “Thanksgiving Decor

  1. Ooh! I love the bamboo! I’ve been waiting to see the results of this!

  2. Lindsay Anderson

    I was just about to say “I hope you used that sugar cane for mojitos afterward” but I see now that you didn’t…oh Xiomara’s, how I miss you. haha

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