Summertime Blues

Summer is flying by and I’m seemingly getting nothing done. I have to leave for a summer camp a week from today and honestly, I’m not looking forward to it! They were extremely short female counselors though so I agreed to go. Anyway, I have to start thinking about packing, which I happen to despise!!! It should be easy, but it never, ever is. Boo. Onto the nails . . .

I finally got around to participating in one of PHD’s awesome nail design challenges. The challenge was any design using only analogous colors. Having taken a color theory class this semester, I was compelled to enter. I’m still such a newbie (I only get around to doing my nails about once a week and usually am in a rush) but it is fun to try! Here is my blue, blue green, and green manicure featuring green blueberry stamps (creative liberty!). I really didn’t like the outcome but they did meet the challenge requirements.

And. . . . drumroll: my first Hidden Treasure mani! Mm. So flakey. I did these a week before I found this on my blogroll and freaked out when I saw! Great minds . . . The pink is actually way more me but because the flakes are very red/orange/yellow, I thought the yellow would compliment them nicely.

I liked these so much that I wore them (and they lasted!!!!) for a week.

It’s funny how VERY many things around me match the exact shade of yellow, Zoya Creamy

Day 8 I cut my nails (after bowling did some major damage) and I liked the micro tips.

Anyway, eventually I got bored and now I’m wearing a new green shade from Urban Outfitters. I’m hating the formula. Mini review to come!

Oh, and I finally put in my order for the Zoya Exchange earrrrly this morning. I’m an up-to-the-deadline kind of girl. 🙂 I can’t wait to get them! Which one will I use first? Oh my.

Remember that pink camera I was lusting after in an old post? Well I ended up ordering the white version (pink isn’t available in the US) which I have already nicknamed (the moment I saw it online) the Stormtrooper. It arrived yesterday! I have SOOO much to learn about it. I can’t wait to start taking some great pictures!

Hey, if you’re reading this, you’re awesome. haha. Have a great day!


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7 responses to “Summertime Blues

  1. i like your two manis! and i love how you JUST ordered your Zoya's. hahaha sweet new camera! i need a new one too! =P

  2. Thanks! haha. Yup. I'm one of the world's best procrastinators.

  3. Art often doesn't come out how we might like when having to meet requirements.I've bought a couple new nail polish colors recently. One I thought would be dark purple but ended up looking almost black, but with a slight maroon sort of tint. I actually really liked it. It didn't last long, though – it never does on my finger nails. Before that they were a lighter purple that also didn't come out as I had expected but that I still enjoyed while it lasted.The other week I wanted to paint my toenails this new dark blue I got, but then my mood changed and yesterday I painted them "Bloody Mary" and added some flower decals to my big toes. The actual painting is a pain – I'm no good at it and it's no fun, but I love having colorful toenails! =) So I'm really enjoying my toes again. =)HOORAY for the camera! Congratulations on a wonderful purchase. =) I look forward to seeing the results as you get acquainted with your "Stormtrooper." =) (Very fitting name! Haha.)P.S. Nice to know I'm awesome – thanks for the esteem boost. 😉 Haha.

  4. You write the best comments. I'm glad to hear you're experimenting with new polishes! It's fun to have colors on your nails. It (for me at least) gives a little boost of "fun" every time you catch a peek. haha. Oh, and I'm sure the stickers are cute! I've only tried stickers a couple of times but I could never manage to make them fully stick (top coat did no good). haha. Thanks! I love my little camera. I hope I get the hang of it soon!Yes, you really are awesome. No exaggerations! haha. But really. 🙂

  5. I'm so excited for you about your new camera!!! If you ever need someone to practice shooting.. ;)Miss you! It's been awhile. Hope you end up having fun at camp. :)Oh so it's already been almost a week since my comeback post, and I'm already stumped about what to post about. Sheesh. Hahh

  6. OOH you're right! I'd love to practice taking photos with you as a subject! I'll definitely keep that in mind. I miss you, too! I'm sure camp will be OK, it's just also so much work.I usually only post 1-2 times a month! haha. I have trouble with inspiration. I'm sure whatever you get around to posting will be wonderful. Looking forward to it! haha

  7. Hi, ya!I'm pretty jealous of that camera. :)I'm having a giveaway on my blog and you can hop over there and sign up!

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