I’m on a [Blog] Roll!

Three posts in week. Awesome. Last night was that party I mentioned earlier, the “Casserole and Martini” as it was named. It was fun! Lots of good food, drinks, and friends.

Mirror shot! Me and friends after getting ready:

Matchy matchy, just the way I like it.

Mary Kay In A Flash Lightspeed, Konad m71 double stamped w/Konad Special Black

I was asked to bring peonies (which I happen to adore) and they had opened up nicely!

Finally got to sport my glam cocktail ring. I mean, ahem, my rich fiance was out of town. (Don’t I wish!)

I did these a week or so back. Turns out, as you may have guessed, that Turned Up is blacklight sensitive! (Found that out after I discovered my old blacklights in a box and had to test ’em.)

China Glaze Turned Up, Konad m77

I’m still having trouble stamping the images. Lots of times the image won’t fully come off of the stamper. It seems I’ve tried all the variations (pressing harder, rolling, working super fast, cleaning the plate after stamping vs. not, etc.) but the results are always really inconsistent. Any tips to share?

OK, off to help with the construction (well, clearing a path for the concrete cutter). Hope I don’t chip my nails. đŸ˜‰

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One response to “I’m on a [Blog] Roll!

  1. Ooh la la! You look so glamorous! Reminds me of Mad Men. And the lace nails are too you đŸ˜‰ You always go to the best themed parties. I'm jealous!I'm excited to start blogging again! Hopefully I'm not a complete letdown. Hahaxo

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