Proof is in the Bacon

So here’s the bacon project I mentioned two posts ago. This was the original I made with paper (after doing so many versions) that I had to re-create with a different material. The project was supposed to be the study of individual cells and their connections to other cells. They were supposed to lose their individuality when grouped together and had to have a pattern that could be repeated indefinitely. I think I was successful.

20 individual cells together in little . . . bursts.

First I had to cut the raw bacon precisely in order to maintain the proportions of the original.

I sewed, cut, and stuffed the bacon pieces with wet paper towels before baking them.

I unstuffed and lined them up for more baking.

After they seemed firm enough, I hot-glued the cells together. I had to glue it several times because the grease kept the glue from sticking to the bacon.

What I presented to the class. I got some really mixed reactions in the class. Some were grossed out, some read wayyy too far into it (“sewn flesh!”) and some thought it was awesome.

I never did find out what my grade was but I miraculously got an A in the class and I think this project made that possible. My teacher seemed shocked (in a good way) that I used bacon, and I’m so glad I did!

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