Tea & Puppy!

EEK! I have puppy on the brain. My brother and his girlfriend brought home a puppy today that needs a home. She’s an adorable black lab mix who is 6-8 weeks old and too cute to ignore even for a second! I really thought she was ours but I guess we (parentals) are going to try and find a home for her. Today we FINALLY began a construction project on our house that has been years in planning so having to manage another dog with all the gates open and chaos around the house just wouldn’t be good. Plus, as nice as labs are, when the time comes for a new puppy we definitely have our hearts set on a different breed. Anyway, I am loving up on her like mad until she finds a good home. She’s sleeping at my feet right now as I type. 🙂

Today I went to a lovely white and linen attired (surely there is a better way to say that?) tea party hosted by one of my friends. She held one last year as well and it was such a success that she decided to make it an annual event! She went bought sofas and a table (which she painted blue and then painted on white lacy placemats) and set everything up on her patio under the dappled shade of a pretty tree. It was all fancified and cute. Delicious food was brought by all! Ugh. As usual, I overate. Tasty.

Oh yes. These are just TOO pretty not to share:

I want the pink ones!!! (The [slim and uninteresting] details about the shoes are here and here.)

Part of the construction project I mentioned earlier involves me moving to a bedroom on the other side of the house. We’re doing this big switcheroo with my grandma. Anyway, I have been googling and googling and GOOGLING decoration ideas, specifically trying to find the perfect, and most inexpensive ever, duvet cover. I’ve also checked every Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods store near me. There are some decent options, but nothing perfect. I’ve decided that I’m just going to try and make my own with two flat sheets, because I LOVE these:

But, there’s way too expensive. I’ve seen the three different price points (Anthropologie, West Elm, Target) but they just won’t do. I am the bargainest shopper ever!

I have lots more to blog about (again, since my posts are a month a part!) but this is enough for now. I’ll end with a nails pic from when I went to my friend’s wedding in Phoenix a few weeks ago. They were simple but pretty.

One of the pale pink Essie ones 🙂 with Cover Girl City Lights on top



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2 responses to “Tea & Puppy!

  1. WOW I love Black Lab Mixes. 🙂 I've raised two of them and lost two. So hard to have them pass. Your manicure is really pretty.Have fun with the construction project.Susie

  2. Aw, yes. Losing a dog is so heart-wrenching. 😦 I've experienced that a couple of times, too. Thanks!

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