My Hands Smell Like Bacon

Just sayin’. I’ve been doing an art project for school and was encouraged to use an uncoventional material, hence the bacon hands. 🙂 Unfortunately, the idea is cooler than the actual project is turning out, but regardless of how it looks, I’ll just be happy to have used an eatable material. haha. (I was also considering lasagna and nori, but bacon won in the end.)

My nails are naked right now! Wow. I didn’t like it at first because there is so much untapped potential (what I’m saying is naked = boring) BUT I love not having to be afraid of chipping ’em. Anyway, the second my school projects are turned in I will be painting them. I do like thinking ahead to what they’ll look like . . .

Here are the last ones I did. I got two polishes from Target and had to test the first one out!

Essie Vanity Fairest base with Zoya Ibiza and Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Rockstar Pink tips

Ooh. I made a fun purchase at T.J. Maxx last week. I finally found some aviators that I think look decent on my face. 🙂 Maybe I have a weird head or something but finding flattering sunglasses seems to be such a rare occurance. Right, so, they’re purple and by Cynthia Rowley which I got for $14.99 (pre-tax) with the original price tag of $75 still attached. Yesss.


OH! I’m in major need of a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) and I’ve been doing some research about them online. I found the CUTEST one (yeah yeah, it has really good features for a beginning DSLR, too). Butttt, it’s only available in Japan. Hmm.

They do have other ones here in less exciting colors, and one of those might just have to do. Any way you slice it, the colored ones are awesome.

Hey, question for any of you nail art entusaists out there: Can I just buy a really small detail brush to do nail art with my existing polishes or are the individual little bottles (L.A. Colors, etc.) with the small brushes better?

OK, well I was fixing up this blog post instead of MUCH needed homework cramming so now I need to get off my beautiful computer!

Have a good one!


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2 responses to “My Hands Smell Like Bacon

  1. Love the glittery nail polish! My first bottle of polish was a purple glittery type. For that matter, my first glasses were something like "purple confetti" (1st grade, mind you). =PAnywho – so I'm really curious about your art project! What are you making with bacon?! Sounds interesting.Leave it to you to find a PINK DSLR! Haha. Nicely done. =) Is there not a way to order it from Japan? It seems these days one can order just about anything online. I will say one way to save is to buy a camera without a lens, then pick up a lens or two second-hand if you know of a good camera shop. The 18-55 range shown in the picture is great! That's what I use most of the time. (Though I do love my long lens: 75-300.) Best wishes finding your camera! =) I look forward to seeing the pictures you take with it. =)

  2. I seemed to be fond of purple when I was younger, too. 🙂 Of course, it never trumped my love of pink!I had to make these cell wall things (and 1,000 variations on them) first and then had to recreate them in a different material on a different scale. I'll post pictures of the finished product! I'll be going as fast as I can when I get home from work tonight to put them all together into one cell wall. It's due at tomorrow's 8am class! Good camera advice! Yes, I'm definitely only looking at cameras that are interchangable with all previous lens. I CAN'T WAIT to get a macro lens! Mmm. But yes, all this requires money so we'll see when any of this actually takes place! 🙂

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