Bad habit!

I don’t know why I only seem to only post once a month now! Every time I get around to blogging I have way too much to talk about. I need to work on that. 🙂

I had been wanting to get these headphones since they came out last summer because I love that they’re by Roxy, and the colors are cute! I wasn’t about to pay $70 for them though. Well look what I found at Marshalls last week!

It’s good that I saw them in person because, though I originally thought I wanted the pink and orange version, it’s actually purple and orange in person. Ew. Not for me. I like the blue and green with my pink iPod. 🙂

It came with a cute carrying case, too.

Quick and to the point: this watch is SO CUTE and came (guess they were released last year) in different colors. Shaped as a bangle with a bow and has a mirror on it, too!

Sharing with you yet another rainbow baked good, check out this pretty, pretty cake.

In some cool news, I got to meet some of the cast of Community at an industry event my dad was invited to.

Allison Brie (“Annie”)

Joel McHale (“Jeff”)

I was also lucky enough to get pictures with Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Yvette Nicole Brown (“Britta”, “Abed”, and “Shirley”). The actors are all great in person!

Unexciting nail pics:

Essie Rock Candy with Sephora French Tip pen and Revlon LilyChrome, Konad m56

Wet ‘n’ Wild Precious Metals 14K, Konad m57
(Yes, I was going for SUPER subtle/naked!)

That’s enough useless info for this post (of course do I ever share anything else? haha). I’ll save the rest for next time! Hope to blog again soon. Homework awaits!


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3 responses to “Bad habit!

  1. Love it! =) Sometimes a girl just needs some color and fun in her life – that's your point (not useless!). =) So glad you found the headphones! There's nothing like a good bargain like that. =) I just made my second Craigslist purchase this weekend and totally had that "good deal/sale" high. =PI really like what you did with the rose for your nail pic! I really admire your…consistency?…with updating your nail designs. I think about wanting to paint my nails and don't get around to it for MONTHS! Haha. So I live vicariously through your manicures. 😉

  2. Jess we match now! I have those same headphones..that's pretty cool!

  3. Thanks Lana! 🙂 And yes, color and fun are necessities. Ooh Cara! No way; that's awesome! I'm glad we match.

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