So Little Time

Ugh. Life flies by. It drives me crazy. I promise I’m still 16, and yet my driver’s license says otherwise. I wish I could go back in time and redo my last few years with purpose and drive aiming for something specific. Problem is, I STILL don’t have a target in mind. AGH. I’m getting way too old to have nothing to show for my years of existence. This is beyond lame.

ANYWAY. On a lighter note, I stopped by a garage sale last Sunday and got a few cute items. Of course, there have been numerous thrift scores over the past months, but this is the only time I’ve actually gone to the trouble of photographing my loot. 🙂

Halter vest from Hot Topic, according to the original owner

Betsey Johnson blazer in amazing condition (has velvet accents and sleeves long enough for me!!!)

Super soft sweater brought over from Argentina (though this has an elastic neck of death. SO tight)

Amazing zebra/shell looking ring (so happy it fits)

Total for all four items: $9. 🙂 🙂 The dangerous thing is the lady said she’d be having a yard sale every weekend for the next month or so with new stuff every time (used to own a store). Dangerousss.

Last month a couple of friends hosted a moustache and ugly sweater party which was pretty fun. Some of them went ALL out. I opted for a not so ugly Betsey Johnson sweater that I don’t quite have the courage to wear in “real life” but also brought a backup genuine ugly sweater. Check it out, I did my nails to match my first sweater.

The sweater was another thrift find

Not so well executed but you get the idea! (various sweater colors & Konad m60)

My friend Alysia came up with the awesome idea for our moustaches : {) (<- a moustache!)

What else can I fill random internet surfers in on? Ooh, I went to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising last week to see their annual Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition. They showcase different pieces of the actual wardrobe worn in movies of the past year. I love seeing the detail of the costumes up close, but my favorite part is seeing the actual sizes of the actors and actresses. Most of them are so teeny. Like ridiculously so. It’s free to get in (though parking prices are varied around FIDM) and I definitely recommend going if you get the chance!

My favorite pieces were from An Education – so 60s and adorable!!

I just learned and all other US Konad retailers have to stop accepting coupons as of tomorrow, so no more 30% off purchases. NOO. I made a quick last minute purchase of four more plates which I hope will tie me over indefinitely. haha. EEK for more design options!

OK, well I could probably find something else to go on about, but I think I’ve done enough for the day. If you’ve gotten this far, how kind! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.



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5 responses to “So Little Time

  1. LOVE your nails!! Love the classic fashion styles of the '60s. Totally relate about the age stuff and figuring out your life! I SO don't feel my age. I keep thinking I'm 20, but the gap between that and my real age is quickly expanding. One of the biggest stresses I felt during late high school and throughout college was feeling like I was supposed to somehow just magically *know* what I was supposed to do in life and what direction to take. Especially once I got into the last couple years of college…a lot of my classmates were a little older than me, had experienced more life, and had figured out what they want to do with it and were pursuing that with a passion. Conversely, I was just floating through to obtain a degree.My expectations bar has lowered significantly in the last few years (though I still dream big!), so maybe it won't mean as much coming from me, but your situation is so NOT lame! I never understood how some people could just have things figured out, but I suppose one way to look at it is that this way you might experience more things while you try to find what you want to do, as opposed to having a narrower focus on one thing…? And hey, you never know how your experiences now may come in real handy later.I often feel like if I haven't accomplished something by the time I'm 30, it will somehow be too late. But there are tons of stories out there about people who significantly change their lives much later on. It's never too late. So in the meantime enjoy where you are, and if it's a few more years before you find your "calling," that's not so bad. I just have to keep telling myself this…Hopefully we'll both have a few things figured out before too long…? Here's to figuring out what we want to be when we grow up! Good luck! =)P.S. Thanks for all the pics – enjoyed them! =) Love the mustaches! =)

  2. Great pictures. I see a future for you as a garage sale model! 😉

  3. Thanks, Lana! It's so nice to know someone else has and is going through the same thing as me. My problem is now in school I'm OLDER than everyone because I've taken so long hoping to find the perfect major. haha. I'm in denial of my age though so I'm fine hanging out with kids 3 years younger than me. I quite like it, actually. :)Good point about the broader experiences thing. I'll try to keep that in mind. Thanks for your comment!! I very much enjoyed hearing from you.

  4. Riff Dog, haha!! Funny you should say that because it took a TON of trial and error to take those pictures. After finally finding that wall which was a suitable background, I had to figure out a way to get myself in the picture without chopping off the top part of my body (I'm pretty tall) while avoiding the thick mud that covered the ground. Anyway, finally found a folded cardboard box that I would run and dive my knees onto once I turned on the camera's timer.

  5. MAN oh man, you have some wicked cool finds there. I love you in that blue sweater & the sweater nails are mind-blowingly cool.

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