New Year, New Post

It’s been one month to the day from my last entry! I guess that means now’s a good time for a new one. Some highlights since I last blogged; I:

– went on a mini-“stay-cation” with Kate to Buena Park for thrift shopping & Knott’s Berry Farm
– spent New Year’s Eve/a.m. bowling & then at a 24 hr diner
– worked at the Rose Parade at a private stand
– had my first “breakfast for dinner” experience (and it was with the good stuff!)
– crammed in 3 units into a two week winter intersession class (marriage & family relationships)
– helped out with Kate’s birthday party
– learned that my best friend got engaged!
– started my regular spring semester (oh-so artsy!)
– received many of my nail polish Twitter prizes in the mail 🙂
– started watching Lost (yes, from season one. I have a little more than 2 more seasons left)

While walking to the parade stands, we saw Jack Hanna doing a live TV interview, complete with animal friends!

We got to walk inches from the floats. The textures were SO gorgeous and the air was fragrant!

Kate & I dancing around at Knott’s Resort wearing our thrifted sweaters bought that day.

Us riding the rocking pirate ship at Knotts; poor Kate was miserable!

I finally got to wear my spark!leigh (sorry, I couldn’t help it) tights at Kate’s b-day party!

Delicious cupcakes at the party made by Soraya

Me & Tara with the birthday girl

And of course, I’ve been doing my nails throughout. 🙂 Here are a few interesting ones:

China Glaze Let’s Groove with Revlon LilyChrome, Konad m59

Ice Pure Ice with Konad Special Polish White, Konad m73

Zoya Creamy with China Glaze Awaken, Konad m57 & m19

It’s nothing too interesting, but that’s a taste of what I’ve been up to! 🙂 Hope you’re having a good one.

P.S. I really do have friends other than K & T, I just don’t seem to take many pictures with them! haha. I should change that.


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2 responses to “New Year, New Post

  1. We have breakfast for supper a few times a month. My husband doesn't eat breakfast so he loves it.I "LOVE" your manicures. Great job,Susie

  2. Your nails look fabulous!

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