The Middle

I got to be an extra again this week which is WONDERFUL because I am in dire need of funds! 🙂 During my hours of sitting around waiting to be needed on set, I made a list of highlights and lowlights, if you will.

-CA/Summer themed napkins to make lists on
-Catered lunch (w/tons of choices including AMAZING bad-for-you mac & cheese. MMM.)
-Oreos, bags of chips, gummy worms, mini Kit Kats, pizza and other junk to sustain us through dinner time
-Getting to hang out in Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls!!!) when not on set
-Making money (even if it is only minimum wage)
-Walking through the WB lot (lots of city and town facades) to get to wardrobe, set, and finally my car
-Getting a WB day pass with my name on it, haha
-Wearing the thick and cozy sweater provided by wardrobe to achieve that middle “Indiana” look, apparently
-Bottled water (yum)
-Watching the cast and crew working and interacting

Pic from my cell of the church in Stars Hollow & the remains of the gazebo 😦

Lowlights (what would a better word be? haha):
-Being forced to talk to and look into the eyes of 30-50 year old guys for hours at a time who were assigned to me as “dates” for the scene at the diner. BLEGH
-Actors are so cocky!! Especially the extras who are trying to “make it” in the industry. Enough with the name dropping already!
-‘Boredom’ isn’t a strong enough word for the seemingly endless hours sitting in holding
-Quickly fleeting cell batteries (facebook, Twitter, text, repeat)
-“Are we doneeee yet?”
-Total strangers and nothing but

My sneaky bathroom shot so you can see the sweater I was growing quite attached to!

I’m so glad I got to work. I’ve been calling in a million times a day since my last final this past week and have only been able to book this one show. I’ll keep it up, but it’s getting to be holiday time so work will be scarce, at best.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going with some friends to a pre-screening on the WB lot of the movie When in Rome. Looking forward to it! I love being on that lot. 🙂 haha. OHOH. I went to another pre-screening a few weeks ago for the movie Letters to Juliet and it was SO good! I cannot wait to see it again. I think it comes out in March, so go see it when you can!

P.S. I’ve been winning a lot more nail polish and will do a mega post once the contest is over and all of my prizes have arrived! 🙂

EDIT: Oops!! I wasn’t paying attention! The screening it at the Walt Disney Studios lot. I don’t know if I’ve been there before. Even better!

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