Make a Wish

I was just looking through for their Twitter ‘Sephora Clause’ promotion going on (they will grant one wish a day) and found a few awesome items I have to share. I “wished” for these adorable blinged out tweezers by Tweezerman:

OK, this is like a colored pencil set for your eyes!!! The set is a hefty $249 though. Few. I think I can live with my Wet ‘N’ Wild eyeliners for a bit longer. 😉

I’ve decided tomorrow I’m going to wish for this cool Make Up For Ever color case. You can mix the shades and use the colors anywhere on your face. Mm, the possibilities!

{You can make your very own Sephora beauty wish using your Twitter account here.}

One last thing before I go — check out this stunning LED dress created by CuteCircuit. You must click this link and watch the video. The colors are amazing!


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