Belated Update

So, I’ve been wanting to create a new post for a while now, but I never took the pictures of my thrift store finds that I promised I would in my last post! haha. So much has happened since then though that it no longer seems important. Maybe I’ll still get around to it one day. . .

Let’s see. Well last month I chopped off all my hair! That was an experience. I was a “hair model” for the Frederic Fekkai salon in Beverly Hills which simply means they practiced their cut and color techniques on me. I didn’t come out loving my hair (my stylist didn’t do a great job), but after my mom fixed the unevenness and intense bulk in the back, I now like it much better. Since it’s been about a month now, it’s actually already grown out a bit. I like it even better now that it’s a little longer. It’s a fun change and I’m enjoying it while it grows out. It’s sooo much harder to deal with than my long hair though! I still struggle every day with what to do with it. Oh well. I guess that’s part of the fun?



I also went on a trip to Lake San Marcos (about a half hour from San Diego) for a convention with my church. My family rented a house on the lake that came with a pontoon boat called the Aquaholic. 🙂 The boat went out multiple times every day, to be sure! It was a good trip overall. Lots of interesting memories. haha. I’ll leave it at that! How about a very small sampling of my photos?

My brother and dog on the Aquaholic

Trying out a velcro wall 🙂

Sitting on the beach while my bro & friends surfed

Trying on tutus!

A brave seagull attempting to steal my friend’s wallet & keys

My friends frolicking on the beach

A random guy stretching before going out to surf

Oh! And last week the episode of Heroes that I was an extra in aired! I saw myself five times which was awesome. I was really surprised because the two days I was there there were 100 extras. I lucked out! (On House, even though there were only about 20 extras, I bareeeely saw my shadow at the very end. haha.) I look forward to doing extra work again, but it has to wait until school is on break. Bummer.
There I am on the left!

And on the right . . . (sorry these are so dark)

Well that pretty much sums up everything that is even slightly interesting. haha. Maybe now I’ll be able to post more regularly? I’m not going to tell what’s coming next or else I’ll be in the same predicament I was in before. You’ll just have to be surprised. 🙂


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2 responses to “Belated Update

  1. Jessica, I'm with you there. I think I'd be the person who washes all the dishes in the back of the shop, haha. And them not having culinary backgrounds is what I love about it too! Plus, the people on the show are hilarious:)

  2. P.S. Your hair looks so cute short! I can't believe how long it was before, though. Crazzyyy!

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