Clothes Swap Blues

I’ve been planning this clothes swap party for
monthssss now but have had the HARDEST time getting people to come. I had to reschedule it because so many people were out of town and yesterday was the RSVP deadline for the new date, and I still only have the two original “yes!”s coming. (THANK YOU, you two. You know who you are!) Out of like 30 people invited, two said yes, many (again!) are out of town, and a ton have completely ignored both invitations. Some of them really good friends! I don’t exactly understand it . . . I would behave in the quite the opposite fashion, even if I didn’t want to come. Oh well. I just thought it was an awesome idea for poor people like me to have some fun and get free, new-to-us, threads. Whatevs, people. I’ll blog about the end result after the 3 of us swap. Ha.

My mom e*mailed me this cute pic of SHOES:

I’m always a fan of both hot pink and zebra, and together is even better! 🙂

Today I had my first full day of classes as an art major. I feel SO incompetent with art supplies; it’s scary. I survived my first figure drawing class! We only did basic cubes and abstract blob things but it still took quite the effort on my part! I do NOT draw, and the last (and only) drawing class I took was 3 & 1/2 years ago. Sitting there watching super artsy and talented people draw around me was quite intimidating! I really need to practice when I’m not in class.

Well WOW, this has been a boring post. I applaud you if you read through all of it! I hope whoever you are, you are having a good day. 🙂


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2 responses to “Clothes Swap Blues

  1. Hi Jessica. Enjoyed your blog post very much. Hang in there girl and keep organizing the clothes swaps. Eventually, they'll get it. It's a great way to save , build friendships and it's fun. Try to schedule when they are in town. Me and my neices are launching my frugal website, on college campuses where they attend. At toolzo, you can swap "stuff" you have for "stuff" you want, rent or swap your textbooks, DVDs, etc. and much more. The girls are also starting a private forum for their campus where fellow students can connect and discuss all sort of things, class reviews, professors, ask for help on a subject matter, or anything else to help build compus community. I guess, what Facebook started as but turned to something else. Check it out and start a swap frenzy on your own campus. Just add your stuff and invite your friends to check them out and join you.

  2. Hey Carline! Thanks for your comment! I'll be sure to check out the site. I would love to find something like that for my campus. Great idea!

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