Chocolate Vodka . . .

. . . that’s what I bought for my friend’s party this weekend in honor of him completing his bar exam this past month. (I’m not usually a fan of “rubbing alcohol” but in this case it really does taste like chocolate!) Everyone at the party dressed up in “legal eagle” attire (judges, lawyers, criminals, etc.). It was really fun! The next day my family went to our friends’ house for a nice gathering in which ample eating and music making took place. 🙂 It was a great evening!

Sunday morning, I had time to play with my Konad supplies for the first time!! It is soo much fun. Here are some pictures of my very first stamping experiments. Yes, it does take some practice – especially the tips and full nail designs!

Here’s my first official manicure with the nail art.

Revlon Lily Chrome over Revlon Va Va Va Bloom

Before I could play with Konad, I had to run out to get pure acetone to clean the image plates during use and stopped at the 99 Cent Store to see if they had any. They didn’t, but I did find three fun items that are normally a lot more than 99 cents each! I scored a Revlon eyelash curler (with replacement squishy thing), a cool Revlon set of loose eyeshadows built into a compact, and a Princessa 7 texture nail file. Fun fun.

Oh hey. If you’re a fan of food and of “free”, then be aware that today Jack In The Box is giving away free tacos again today! Just go to their website and print the coupon.

Happy Tuesday!

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