For the Love of Konad

Over the last 3 or 4 days, I have been obsessively watching every video and reading every blog about Konad nail art that I can find. I happened across the products a few days ago can’t get enough!!! I ordered some of the essentials (double sided stamper, scraper, black and white special polishes, and two plates) from and CANNOT wait for them to arrive!!!! I know the stamping will take time and practice to perfect, but I’m so ready to hop on the bandwagon and get going. OK, so here are some of my favorite looks I’ve found online:

Someone else got the same pieces I did; here’s what’s in the mail! Aren’t the plates adorable?!

My current nails: Rather Barbie-esque, n’est pas? I wish you could see the true intensity of the colors. I added the flowers on a whim and didn’t do the best of jobs, but I’m confident that from now on they will be far more precise thanks to my Konad supplies! EEK can’t wait.

Photo credits (in order):

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