Shockingly Pretty

So the other day, I made my first big girl nail polish purchase. Since I’m super sad to see my money leave me, I’ve always been a drug store brand kind of girl. Well, I have this pair of thrifted (brand new) NEON pink fishnets that I knew I simply had to wear to an upcoming No Doubt concert. I loved the color and really wanted nail polish to match. I decided Ulta would be the best place to look and lo and behold, they had the perfect shade: Shocking Pink by China Glaze!

I’m excited to see how the “fancier” polishes compare. I had a really hard time making this color streak free (I put on 4 coats!) but I think it’s due to the fluorescent shade. I won’t dismiss China Glaze until I’ve tried a more normal color. Others seem to love the brand so there must be something to it!

Up next: No Doubt concert pictures!

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  1. And it looked spectacular on you! So I've read that if you first paint a coat of white nail polish on, let it dry completely, then do the bright color, it helps with he streakiness. It's worth a try!xo, Kate

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